What is MOPS?
MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is a program designed to encourage, nurture, and support all mothers of preschoolers. MOPS is open to all mothers who have children from birth through preschool. We come together from all age groups and backgrounds with a shared desire to be the best moms, wives, and Christian women that we can be. MOPS understands that the years from infancy to kindergarten are foundational in a mother-child relationship and are filled with unique needs. We provide a friendly and fun place for mothers to relax, encourage and learn from one another about how to handle this rewarding but sometimes tough time in our lives.


Who can attend?
Any expectant mother or mother of a child from birth through preschool is welcome.


What do we do at a MOPS Meeting?
At a typical MOPS meeting, moms can enjoy light snacks, adult conversation, fabulous speakers and fellowship in a Christian setting. Not to mention bonding time with the girls! It’s a great place to re-energize and connect with other moms.


Can I attend a MOPS group before joining?
Yes, moms can visit before joining.  Please come and check us out!

What if I have a personal situation I’d like to share with someone in MOPS and ask for their prayer support?

Please let us know. We have a care team that is designed specifically for this purpose and can offer help and suggestions when needed.


Would it be awkward to come without a baby?
We encourage newborns stay with their moms in the meetings until moms feel comfortable putting them in the nursery. So it is fine to keep your newborn with you if you prefer. Some our children attend other childcare services or pre-schools so mothers are welcome to attend with or without their children. We also have a nursery program called “MOPPETS” which is a criterion we follow to provide Bible lessons to our little ones while we have some much needed adult time!

On average how many women attend the meeting?

We have about 20 registered women in our MOPS group.  Typically we have 75-90% of our members present.


Do you have to be active or a member of ICCRC to attend?
No, we have a diverse group of women from many different congregations and faiths. All are welcome!


Is MOPS a friendly group that will embrace anyone?
Of course! Our motto is NO MOM ALONE! Our goal is to make sure no mother accepts the challenge of motherhood alone — It’s a place to make instant connections and friends and we welcome everyone with open arms!

Do most of your participants live close by the church?
Mothers come from all over the area to attend our group.