Reopening Guidelines

The council is excited to let you know that we have decided to reopen for in-person worship, beginning the morning of June 14, 2020. If you are in good heath and comfortable with getting out, you are invited to join us. If you are in a high-risk group, aren’t feeling healthy, or are uncomfortable gathering at this time, please know that the sermon portion of the worship service will still be posted online Monday by 3:00 pm. DVDs will also continue to be available for those who request them.
The council’s current plan is to meet and reevaluate these guidelines following the next several morning services. We appreciate your patience as we try to navigate this situation and strike a balance between the desire to meet together and the need to do so responsibly.
Before Worship
• Please wait to enter the building until the doors are propped open. Only the south doors, under the overhang, will be used at this time.
• Please use hand sanitizer upon entering the building.
• Wearing a mask is encouraged.
• It will be wonderful to see everyone again, but please refrain from shaking hands or hugging.
• Keep social distancing guidelines in mind and refrain from congregating in the narthex.
• The front bathrooms will be open.
• Please only use the narthex and sanctuary spaces. Parents are asked to keep their children from playing throughout the building.
• The barricaded parts of the building are off limits for the time being.
During Worship
• Bulletins will be available online only. You are welcome to print one off and bring it if you wish.
• We will be singing during our services. Due to the potential for spreading of germs, social distancing guidelines are highly recommended.
• Offering plates will not be passed during the service. There will be a dropbox provided in which to place your gifts and offerings.
After Worship
• Please do not congregate in the narthex. If you wish to socialize, please do so outside, being mindful of social distancing guidelines.
• Please take everything with you that you brought into the building.